Roxy Mk 2 Ford Escort RS2000 Custom

Roxy is a Mk2 Ford Escort RS2000 Custom in signal red.   She has undergone an extensive nut and bolt restoration and is a beautiful car.

The Mk2 RS2000 model was an alternative to the somewhat temperamental RS1600, the RS2000 has a 2 litre Pinto (OHC) engine.  This also clocked up some rally and racing victories and was launched in the UK in March 1975 and introduced in Germany in August 1975, being reportedly produced in both countries.  It provided a claimed 110bhp and a top speed of 110mph.  The 2 litre engine was also easily retro-fitted into the Mk1 Escort along with the Ford Sierra’s 5-speed gearbox, for rallying and other sports.

Roxy is a real head turner and was one of the the last Mk2 RS2000’s to be produced in 1980.

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