Jess VW Splitscreen Deluxe

Our newest addition to the fleet and ready for bookings now!

Jess is a 1964 VW Deluxe 13 window Microbus T1 Splitscreen Combi, who has undergone a full restoration.

He is part of the first generation of the Volkswagen Type 2 with the split windshield, informally called the microbus, splitscreen or splittie among modern fans, and was produced from the 8 March 1950 through the end of the 1967 model year.  From 1950 – 1956, the T1 (not called that at the time) was built in Wolsburg, from 1956, it was built at the completely new transporter factory in Hanover.  The early versions of the T1 were often called the barndoor.  From 1964 model year, when the rear door was made wider, the vehicle could be referred to as the T1c. 

Jess has a 1600 engine and produces 60bhp.  Like the beetle, the van has received numerous nicknames worldwide, including ‘microbus’,’minibus’, and because of its popularity during the counterculture movement of the 1960’s, ‘hippie van/bus’ has become it’s most poular. 

We are so excited to have completed Jess’s restoration and and are thrilled to introduce him as our second splittie in our fantastic fleet.